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Hey guys I'm Cheyenne and I'm a inspiring writer and photographer. Between the Chaos and the peace is where you'll find me.

I wish to be finally over this soul bronchitis But it's funny because as much as I hate it it also ignites this: Drive in myself to be a better driver of the mind I can't contain But I'd rather park i Oh what a muse this castle be, deep in the forest of evergreen-sun beams, for eyes to please; Yet, this castle, was a trip to dare, in all its hassle of getting there — Yet, fair, so beautifully vivid I don't know how it changed, Conversations went away, know one wants to talk anymore, Its all about Facetime, Facebook, or Tweeting, What the Hell is going on?

It starts a fight to talk with people in Rose Colored Glasses. Read next: I'm Tired I Am A Bullet. Matthew F. Blowers III.

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Mind Ticks. A well-meaning comment becomes a sarcastic jab. Ask yourself, this person who claims to love me, are they trying to hurt me in any way?

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Then ask your partner for clarification. Ask them why they want you to bring a jacket.

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Then tell them how it makes you feel. Let them know that them telling you to bring a jacket makes you feel as if you are too incompetent to take care of yourself. They might not have thought of it that way. Relationships require adjustments.

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They require communication and compromise, but they also require kindness. Try to understand where your partner is truly coming from before assuming they have bad intentions. Assume care, assume kindness, before you assume anything else. Nothing kills a relationship faster than making wrong assumptions.

Nothing kills a relationship faster than choosing to see your partner under a bad light when you can choose to see the best in them instead. Sign in.

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Get started. An argument for seeing the best in your partner.

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